Oliver Jordanov, LL.M.

Oliver Jordanov


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About Me

I believe in Efficiency: if you do the right things in the right way, you will ultimately succeed.

Therefore, I take a strictly analytical approach that involves the entire company and the people in it.

In the implementation, I use the most modern tools and access a comprehensive network of specialists.

My goal is to put the client in a position that he can continue on his chosen path independently.

In the last 10 years i have focused on structured finance, M&A, and business development and thus started my own business 5 years ago.

I have experience in the project and interim management and I am also open to cooperation projects.

I can help you with

1. Improvement of the balance sheet and financing structure.

2. Improvement of rating and key figures.

3. Reduction in interest charges.

4. State, federal and European Union funding Loan applications.

5. Financial assets and investors.

6. Cash flow modeling.

7. Business model modernisation.

8. Product strategy.

9. Marketing and sales strategy.

10. Business start-up.

11. Employer branding and personal marketing.

12. Brand and communication.

Most of the time, after a few questions, I can tell you exactly whether I can help you or not.