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WordPress really bothered me in the last few days. I practically excluded myself from WordPress. That means, as stupid as it sounds now, I hadn’t done anything. Unfortunately, a malware trojan had lodged itself in a web project of one of my customers because he had not updated his website regularly. Since I put their web projects on my web hosting space for some of my customers, this Trojan then also attacked my own web projects.

With the well-known result. I was locked out of my own blog.

If WordPress makes problems

I probably don’t need to tell you that such incidents are not fun and that the end result is that I often have to spend a lot of time restoring the old state. But if a developer friend gets wind of it and makes fun of it (“Stupid, if WordPress fucks up again, eh? Haha!”), I could take the whole thing personally.

don’t take it personally

I don’t do it though. And not because non-reactivity – thanks to meditation that has been practiced for years – has become my middle name. But mainly because WordPress may have its weaknesses, but for me it offers an almost unbelievable amount of possibilities. I can even go so far as to say that few tools have changed my life so much and have brought me so close to fulfilling my purpose as WordPress.

WordPress is liberation and calling

For me, WordPress is a liberation and a calling at the same time. Because thanks to WordPress I can not only write but also publish. Thanks to WordPress, I can express myself and thus give my passion – communication and discussion – room to develop. I don’t have to please anyone to be read. I can simply attract and repel by being who I am and making room for it.

Better than 50 shades in aluminum foil

Thanks to WordPress, others can read me and follow my thoughts. Accept it or reject it. And thanks to the great anonymity of the Internet, they don’t even need to reveal their identities. It’s even better than wrapping “50 Shades of Gray” in aluminum foil for reading on the subway.

ugly, slow and insecure

WordPress is not as pretty or fast and certainly not as secure as individually programmed websites. But I’m not a developer either – I’m about writing – and being read. For me it’s just about finding quick and easy access to as many people as possible. And WordPress is an incredibly powerful tool for that.

but free and wealthy

Nevertheless, WordPress is freer than ready-made blog pages on which you can publish under a foreign domain and are restricted, for example, with regard to monetization. Anyone who takes the effort and books their own domain and then looks for a good web host has secured a kind of property on the Internet. On this piece of virtuality, he can (largely) do what he wants. – Of course also growing and harvesting.

very well documented

WordPress is also very well documented. For example, the forums on are a very useful source for me if I can’t get anywhere on my own. Even if there is perhaps no thread for my specific problem, I can at least derive first steps from threads on neighboring problems.

Solving WordPress Problems

Solving WordPress problems is mostly based on the same steps:

  1. make all updates,
  2. deactivate all plugins and then reactivate them one after the other,
  3. Change theme,
  4. Deactivate .htaccess and
  5. Reload WP Core files.

In addition, a backup plug-in should be the first plug-in on every freshly set up WordPress website. In most cases this can be used to save a broken project successfully.

Even if – like me – you are not a developer.

WordPress is the most important publication tool for me: you can express yourself, find your voice and hopefully make your way.

Just step out of the shadows; you have to do that alone.

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