Personal Brand or Business Brand?

Personal brand or business brand? I’ve been thinking back and forth for so long and ended up doing it wrong. But – is there any wrongdoing here at all? Or is it precisely this wrongdoing that is required in order to learn from it and ultimately make a thoughtful decision? In any case, I found it difficult.

When I started almost six years ago, it was always about keeping as much secret as possible. My employer at the time should not necessarily know what exactly I am doing as a part-time self-employed person. My fear was too great that he might not approve of it. My first project was also a pick-up blog; a topic that naturally few brag about at work. In the end, every second person in the bank had (felt) read the blog. 🙂

Nevertheless, I now recognize this need (to keep the different facets of one’s own personality secret) as pathological: Because in the first two years of my training at a bank, I even successfully hid my neurodermatitis. – Until I had a flare-up that could no longer be concealed due to the visible eczema. Why did I do that? In any case, I was afraid that I would be fired or at least denied continued employment.

When I moved from Stralsund to Stuttgart in 2002 to begin my bank training, my stepfather told me: “And don’t say‘ that you come from the east! You were born in Berlin; so say that too – and just don’t mention that in the eastern part of the city. „

Fortunately, most of the trainees came from the East – so hiding was completely pointless in this case.

In any case, I think that this pathological secrecy is rooted in my past. Only the consistent work on myself and with my feelings (self-development) gave me a real self-confidence that made me accept myself with rough edges.

But a blog by an independent business developer with a strong finance background who suffers from the most severe neurodermatitis, is treated with medical cannabis and has a pronounced passion for pick-up artistry? That, I have to admit to myself, is brave and will certainly cost me one or two customers and business partners.

Better not to mention that I am extremely critical of the whole pandemic regime. In Germany you can no longer express yourself differently without having already been counted. Here in Cyprus it is different: several times a week you can read critical opinions of the columnists in the daily newspaper about the quick deprivation of liberty rights – if the return of the same is very slow.

So the risks are high, it seems at first glance, that by simply repeating myself I could arouse displeasure on all fronts and end up alone.

But Pick Up and my life so far have taught me that polarization is not the end but the beginning.

How do I want to find those with whom I want to live, laugh and win if I do not reveal myself?

So instead of keeping each of my business interests separately under my own business brand and blog, I am now bringing everything together under my own personal brand. I’m going to share my poker successes here as well as my successes battling an autoimmune disease that Big Pharma doesn’t even recognize as one. I will report on it as well as I do deals and how I close HBs.

So here I stand and am: Oliver Jordanov, LL.M.