Snap 3 times

If you are into Pick Up long enough, you no longer slip below a certain basic level. Unless maybe you lock yourself in at home for years and avoid any form of social contact.

Nevertheless, the tingling sensation can be felt more intensely after a longer break. Alone, you can no longer be so easily controlled or fooled by your feelings. The so-called approach anxiety no longer has much power over you.

What is the 3-second rule for some is my 3 snaps: 1. Let the set of 2 pass by in the parking lot – snap once! 2. HB at the bus stop not approached – snap a second time. 3. Let HB pass by in a white summer dress – snapped for the third time and thus the obligation to speak to her.

Since she – HB8 (an estimated 28) – had passed, I had to do a run-around-stop – old school, effective, but by no means optimal. As I was just getting ready to make up the 10 meter distance between us, which she had covered in the meantime – and at the same time fixed a motivating look at the swing of her hips – it happened: she looked over her shoulder. – So she had seen me too … that suited me.

Something from practice; I stayed with my “bread and butter game”. After the mentioned stop and the pre-opener (“Excuse me”), I gave her a gentle qualification question: “Do you speak English?” Not only that I filter out those who cannot speak English properly. Instead, I get the HB to qualify at an early stage and let me take the lead. Especially women from more traditional countries (Southern and Eastern Europe) feel very comfortable when they are led by a man.

In this case, however, I got a No! in response – the filter had struck. It was just enough for “Я учу русский язык”, “один год” and a desperate “говорю немного по русский язык”. She beamed at me like an unreachable treasure and I resigned myself by wishing her “хорошего отпуска!” (A nice vacation).

I notice every day that there are still worlds between learning a language and speaking it for everyday use. I plan to take advantage of the opportunities more often. I usually don’t lack opportunities: I have friends in Russia and Ukraine, and Cyprus is at the same time something like the Mallorca of Russia.

But the beaches are actually still shockingly empty at the moment. I suppose that’s because of the last lockdown. A lot of Russians I know don’t go on vacation every year. For them, a trip to Turkey or Cyprus is still a luxury that cannot be afforded every year. I can imagine that many potential tourists this summer are therefore afraid of a lockdown again and spoiling their first vacation trip in years. Maybe that’s why they prefer to stay at home this summer out of uncertainty.

In any case, the Finikoudes is now largely empty (in contrast to the end of April). The other cities like Limassol or Nicosia and the beautiful beaches of Ayia Napa are more populated by locals (like me, for example). It remains to be seen what and how much this summer will bring. One of my business partners always says: “There is a solution for every problem.” – did he mean Tinder? 😉